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Cloud Server Auto Scaling

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Let your website scale automatically based on traffic demands, with Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling.

What is Auto Scaling?

Auto scaling is a feature of cloud computing in which the number of resources made available to your cloud account can be changed dynamically, depending on your website’s requirements.

Why Do I Need Auto Scaling?

Instead of having to upgrade your hosting platform permanently, you’re able to increase user capacity for a select amount of time, whenever you need it. Nexcess manages these scaling events automatically as long as you have opted in.

How Does Scaling Work?

Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling works by using an algorithm to calculate when your website traffic begins to exceed user capacity. At this point, a scaling event is triggered and your cloud account’s concurrent user capacity is increased.

The algorithm is based on PHP threads. A PHP thread counts as a single computational instruction, usually related to generating website content. Each website user is allocated a set number of PHP threads depending on what they are doing. Consequently, more PHP threads means more potential concurrent users.

PHP threads are limited on traditional hosting solutions because of hardware limitations. A standard server rack can only be upgraded so much. Cloud accounts have access to a much larger pool of computational resources. Instead of upgrading a server’s hardware, an auto scaling mechanism assigns additional resources from the cloud resource ‘bank’. This is what we refer to as a ‘scaling event’.

What Counts as a Scaling Event?

A scaling event is any time a cloud account requires more concurrent users than the stock platform allows. Instead of rejecting additional requests, the account’s capacity for users will automatically increase.

Pricing and User Capacity

Base Price $49 $99 $179 $299 $549 $849
Scaled Price (per 10 min.) $0.02 $0.03 $0.04 $0.08 $0.09 $0.10
Base Concurrent Users 25 50 75 100 125 150
Scaled Concurrent Users 50 75 100 125 150 175

The Nexcess Cloud and Auto Scaling

Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling is automatically enabled on all platforms. Each platform is provided with a 12-hour scaling grace period for free. If you do not wish to take advantage of Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling, you can easily turn it off in the Client Portal.

Note that the cost of scaling depends on which platform you are scaling from. Auto scaling is capped based on your platform, so you won’t find yourself being charged more than you thought possible at the end of a billing cycle. Review pricing for further details.

How to Enable Auto Scaling

If you haven’t scaled previously, Nexcess will cover the first 12 hours of required scaling for free. After this, you’ll need to disable the Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling option in the Client Portal for this service to stop.

You can do this in the Client Portal by selecting “performance”, and then clicking the slider next to “Cloud Auto Scaling”.

Remember, once scaling is turned on it will be enabled automatically. You will be billed for each 10-minute period your cloud account is scaled.

Still stuck? Refer to the Knowledge Base for a detailed guide.