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Nexcess Domain Name System (DNS)

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Keep your DNS records secure, fast, and reliable with 8 nameservers across 2 providers.

What Is DNS?

A DNS (Domain Name System) controls how your domain name functions and how visitors access your website. It is a DNS server that enables your website to connect when its URL is submitted by a website visitor.

How DNS Works

DNS works by aligning domain names with IP addresses. When a URL is submitted by a browser, a DNS record request is sent to a DNS server. This DNS record will contain the IP address for the requested URL, and any other commands. These are sent to the browser, allowing for it to connect with the requested website.

Why Use a DNS Server?

There are 3 main reasons why DNS servers are used today. These are efficiency, flexibility, and security.

  • A DNS server is efficient as it would be impossible for all devices to store DNS records locally. By keeping the records on a DNS server, personal devices can access any website from anywhere in the world, regardless of their internal hardware or disk space.

  • A DNS server is flexible as it allows for website owners to update their DNS records quickly and effectively when implementing changes. Changes made to one or a handful of servers, are a lot faster than those that have to be pushed to everyone.

  • A DNS server is secure because DNS records can be monitored and checked for fraud or security issues.

What Is a DNS Record?

DNS records are the files which tell a DNS server which IP address is associated with which website and how requests should be handled. There are various types of DNS records, all of which have different functions.

Nexcess and DNS

As a website owner, a good DNS server is an integral part of your hosting infrastructure. In addition to having your website hosted, you also need a reliable way of making sure visitors can find it.

In order to make sure you get the most out of our cloud platforms, Nexcess provides top of the line DNS services and manage both the cost and implementation of these services so you don’t have to.


    Amazon and Dyn are both anycast DNS providers, meaning the single IP of our nameserver is broadcast in multiple locations. Visitor requests go to the geographically closest duplication of that IP, making it significantly faster.


    Nexcess DNS consists of 8 nameservers divided between Amazon Route53 and Dyn. Since Nexcess DNS services are handled in multiple, third party geographical locations, we can offer 100% uptime with a proven track record of DNS management.


    We securely connect your DNS records to your cloud account. Our open source DNS record management service, OctoDNS, smartly updates and synchronizes with Nexcess DNS providers so your records aren’t compromised.

We recommend using the Nexcess Global DNS Checker to ensure that your DNS has been updated and propagated globally.